We are makers  and we make 3D printers. We offer consumables, parts and services in this area. Our production is based entirely in Bulgaria. Our machines have the long-term experience of our team – a lot of passion, desire, creativity, perfectionism and striving for continuous development. We are a group of avid enthusiasts who have turned their hobby into a profession. And we do not regret … One must do what one loves – with all one’s heart, mind and strength.

Our printers are entirely our development. Some of the technologies are classic, there are also our interesting innovations, which we will gradually describe on the page.

Most of the components are our development and are manufactured in our factory. The parts of external manufacturers that we use are very carefully selected – without compromising on quality, but also with the search for the optimal price for the end customer.

Our goal is to provide a product that is both high quality and affordable – for both business users and hobbyists.