1. Protection of personal data

This policy provides information on how information is processed about visitors to sites owned by BOXCOL EOOD. If you are or become a user of our websites or web stores, we may use your personal data for additional purposes related only to your better service. In no case will your personal data be used for purposes other than those for which you provided it.

2. Collection and processing of personal data

Personal data is information that serves for your identification, ie. name, address, e-mail and postal address, telephone. BOXCOL EOOD will not collect your personal data in any form, except those necessary to perform actions on the respective website you visit.

3. Use and storage of personal data

BOXCOL Ltd. will use your personal data only for the purposes of technical management of the sites where you are registered to provide you with access to special information or for general communication with you. BOXCOL EOOD has no right to sell or trade with your personal data. The employees of BOXCOL EOOD are obliged to protect the confidentiality of your data and to observe an agreement for disclosure of confidential information. BOXCOL EOOD is guided by the adopted company policy for personal data protection, which is presented in the Commission for Personal Data Protection and is strictly guided by it when storing personal data received from registered users on the sites owned by the company.

4. Security

Your data is conscientiously protected against loss, destruction, distortion / falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure.

5. Links to other Internet sites

This privacy policy applies to sites owned by BOXCOL EOOD and no one else. Company-owned pages and sites may contain links to other websites or service providers that do not have a privacy policy for their users and customers.

6. Amendments to this privacy policy

The management of BOXCOL EOOD reserves the right to change the current policy for personal data protection at any time, without contradicting the law on personal data protection of the Republic of Bulgaria.

7. Rights with regard to personal data

Right to information: This Policy and General Terms and Conditions are intended to inform you in detail about the processing of your personal in connection with the use of products and services of BOXCOL EOOD;

Right of access: You have the right to receive information about the processing of your personal data, access to them and your rights in this regard;

Right of correction: You have the right to or supplement your personal data in case it is inaccurate or incomplete;

Right of deletion: You have the right to request the deletion of data, except in cases where there is a substantial basis and / or legal obligation for their processing. In connection with our obligations, responsibilities and requirements of the law for a period of 1 year are stored: information about concluded contracts; the data for the sent electronic messages under ZEDEUU.

Right to restrict the processing of data: You have the opportunity to restrict the processing of your personal data if there are grounds for this and in the event of a legal dispute between the company / organization and an individual until its resolution and / or to establish the exercise or protection of legal claims;

Right to data portability: when processed in an automated version, the data is transmitted in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format. This right covers only data provided by you personally, as a data subject, as well as personal data generated and collected in the course of our relationship with you.

Right to withdraw consent: You can withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time, on the basis of your consent, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing until the withdrawal of consent;

Right to limit the processing – in case of a legal dispute between the company / organization and a natural person until its resolution and / or to establish the exercise or protection of legal claims;

Right to object: You have the right to object to the processing of data on the basis of a legitimate interest. In the event of such an objection, we will consider your request and, if justified, will comply with it.

Right to appeal to a supervisory authority. The supervisory body in the Republic of Bulgaria is the CPDP, with address in Sofia, 1592, Prof. Cv. Lazarov ”№ 2.

8. Purposes of personal data processing

Objectives necessary for concluding and fulfilling a contract / monthly service or one-time action /. These are the goals necessary for the steps of concluding and implementing a license agreement and a contract for products and services between you and BOXCOL EOOD.

Purposes for which you have given your explicit consent. Your data may be processed on the basis of express consent, the processing in this case being specific and to the extent and scope provided for in this explicit consent;

Objectives necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations of BOXCOL EOOD. They are related to compliance with legal obligations of BOXCOL EOOD and include fulfillment of obligations provided by law for the preservation or provision of information upon receipt of a relevant order to competent state or judicial authorities.

9. Provision of information

BOXCOL EOOD does not provide your personal data to third parties in any other way, except in the General Terms and Conditions described in this policy, under the concluded license agreements and contracts and in the cases provided by law.

BOXCOL EOOD provides the data received in connection with the relations with the Client and the implementation of a contract or commercial agreement, only in the manner prescribed by law and only to:

– personal data processors on his behalf, as a contractor and only by his order or assignment / accounting firm, maintaining information systems and databases, subcontractors under contracts in connection with the performance of the subject of the contract or commercial agreement;

10. Cookies Policy

Use of cookies

Cookies are short text files or small packets of information that are stored through the Internet browser of your end device (computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone) when you visit various sites and pages on the Internet. The main purpose of cookies is to make the user recognizable when he returns to the Website. Some cookies also have a more specific application, such as storing user behavior on the site and making it easier for the user to use the Website. More information on how cookies work can be found on the Internet.

How are cookies used on this Website?

We use cookies on this Website primarily to facilitate the usability of the site, improve its performance and store information about user behavior. No personal data is stored in this process, ie. through the cookies on the site BOXCOL EOOD cannot identify you as a person, therefore the Personal Data Protection Act does not apply to the collection of this information. The information collected by cookies is usually used in summary form to analyze the user behavior of the Website, which allows us to improve the functionality of the site, user paths and content used.

What cookies are used on this Website?

Session cookies

This type of cookie makes it easier for you to use the site, as they store information temporarily, only during the session of the browser used. Usually the information that is stored through them is what products you have added to the e-shop cart, which pages of the site you have visited and how you came to information. These cookies do not collect information from your end device and are automatically deleted when you leave the Website or end your browser session.

Persistent cookies

They allow us to store specific information about browsing, such as analyzing site visits, how you reached the Website, what pages you viewed, what options you chose, and where you headed through that Website. Tracking this information allows us to make improvements to the Website, including correcting errors and expanding the content. The shelf life of this type of cookies varies according to their specific purpose.

Third party cookies

On our Website there are links to other sites or embedded content from other sites, such as Facebook, websites of partners of “BOXCOL EOOD” in the program. When you visit these sites or open the content from them, cookies from these websites may be stored on your end device. It is these “cookies” that are defined as “third party cookies”, as BOXCOL EOOD has no control over the generation and management of these “cookies”. We therefore advise you to look for information about them and how they manage the websites of the respective third parties.

How can I manage the use of cookies from this Website?

All browsers allow the management of cookies from a specially created folder on your browser. You can block the receipt of cookies, delete all or part of them, or set your preferences regarding the use of cookies before initiating a visit to www.filamentry.com. Please note that deleting or blocking cookies may adversely affect the functions of our Website, and hence your user experience on it.

Disable or block cookies

The control, disabling or blocking of cookies is controlled by the settings of your browser. Below you will find links to links to help information on the Internet on how to control cookies in different types of browsers. Please note that a total ban on the use of all cookies may affect the functional presentation of the site, its effectiveness and access to certain information. All cookies used on this Website are automatically deleted / deleted after a certain period of time. This period varies up to 365 days according to the purpose of the specific cookie.

General terms of use

Visit the page with the general conditions of use of the web sites, owned by BOXCOL EOOD, to get acquainted with them.